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Common Issues of Outdated Outlets

Living in an older house means there might be a lot of things that need replacement because they cannot function properly and can be the cause of accidents and other hazards. So, if your home is already old and you plan to update some of the fixtures, keep in mind that you should also update outlets. Old outlets have issues you might not notice but can be dangerous if not replaced. Emergency Electrician Beverly Grove offers an outlet installation service perfect for your needs. 

Your outlets might seem fine and safe to use, but common issues are not noticeable until it’s too late. Before hiring an electrician to replace your home’s outlets, find the common issues of outdated outlets here:

  • The outlet is not working.

One of the most common update outlet issues is that it doesn’t work. When your outlet is older than you, it won’t work anymore. So, it’s best to replace them immediately to avoid problems affecting the appliances and other devices you plug into your outlet. 

  • The outlet is warm to the touch.

If your outlet feels a bit warm when you touch it, some wirings must’ve gotten loose and are now touching your faceplate’s backside. This situation is dangerous, for it can cause shocks, electrocution, and fire hazards. It is a common issue mostly found when your outlets are outdated. Therefore, ensure you hire a reliable electrician to replace your outlets. 

  • The faceplate has cracks and chips.

Another common problem with outdated outlets is their faceplates are cracked and chipped. The faceplate is a cover and protection so that you won’t come in contact with live wires. But if yours have cracks and are already chipping away, replace them immediately. 

  • Your appliances or devices’ plugs always fall out of the outlet.

Have you noticed your appliances’ plug is always falling out when plugged into some of your outlets? This situation signifies that you have outdated outlets and need to replace them immediately. 

  • Your outlet sparks whenever you plug something.

When you see sparks every time you plug an appliance or a device into your outlet, it’s common in older outlets. When this happens, you should avoid using the outlet and replace it with a new one. You may avail of Emergency Electrician Beverly Grove’s top-notch services to ensure your new outlets are properly installed and ready to be used again. 

  • Appliances plugged into the outlet keep turning on and off.

If you have an old outlet, you might’ve noticed your appliances turning on and off even if you don’t do it. This situation means an uneven current flow to the outlets prevents your appliance from functioning properly. Your appliances will also be affected and can be damaged because of this. Therefore, a professional electrical wiring repair can replace your outlets immediately. 

  • You always smell something burning when using your outlet.

Older outlets are unstable, so you might smell something burning when you use them or see smoke marks on the walls. This sign indicates that your outlet is old and needs to be replaced.

Old Electrical Rewiring Outlets: What You Should Do 

Wiring An Outlet | Emergency Electrician Beverly Grove

If you have old outlets that were once rewired and are now failing, you can follow these simple steps to ensure your outlets are safe to use. These simple steps can be done by:

  • Screw your outlets into place. 

Older outlets tend to have loose screws because they have corrupted over time. When this happens, the wires inside the outlets might come out and come in contact with your wall, floor, or hands. You will experience shock and electrocution, so keeping the outlets in place is important. 

If your outlets don’t have screws, you can easily get new ones in your local hardware stores. Then, screw them tightly and try to jiggle the outlet if it’s intact. If the screws work, your outlet won’t budge, and you can safely use your outlet again. 

  • Avoid using them if they have cracks or chips.

Stop using that outlet when you notice cracks or chips on your outlet faceplate. It is dangerous and can cause fire hazards, especially if it deteriorates because of its old age. You may replace the outlet with a new one yourself. 

If you are uncomfortable with replacing an electrical outlet yourself, hire Emergency Electrician Beverly Grove, and we’ll replace your old outlet and ensure no damages are present on the wirings.

  • Call a technician when you see sparks.

It’s important to know you won’t meddle with sparks flying whenever you plug in an appliance or a device. Ensure you call a qualified technician to help eliminate the sparks by installing new outlets in your home. This way, you’ll avoid future problems like fires and electrocutions.

  • Replace them when appliance plugs keep falling out. 

If you have an older outlet and notice that your plug keeps falling out whenever you use it, it means the outlet is worn out, and you will need to replace it. So, call Emergency Electrician Beverly Grove for professional outlet installation. 

  • Hire a qualified installer to install new outlets. 

The best move is to hire qualified installers with years of experience installing new outlets. Dealing with electrical wirings is a job for experts, and if you don’t know how to handle problems with your old outlet, then getting help is what you should do.

Old outlets are not supposed to be used since they are wired differently and may have loose connections due to old age. If you want to install new outlets around your home, call Emergency Electrician Beverly Grove immediately.