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LED and Incandescent Lights: What Are Their Differences

Two of the most talked about lighting fixtures today is LED and incandescent lighting. So, which one of them is the best and what are their differences? Emergency Electrician Beverly Grove gathered information about these lights and will help you choose which of them is the right fit for your home. 

Incandescent Light

The incandescent light is what we know s a regular light bulb. These are what Thomas Edison invented back in 1879, and we still use them today. Incandescent lights have a filament that glows and heats to produce light. The heat can sometimes be too much, causing the light bulb to break. 

These are especially dangerous and when you always have lights on, this kind of problem will happen. Then, you’ll need an incandescent lighting installation in Beverly Grove to replace your light fixtures. But, if you are careful and know how to properly use incandescent lights, then you won’t have this issue. Here’s how you can maintain your incandescent light:

  • First, turn off your light switch and circuit breaker before handling your light bulb.
  • Then, wait for it to cool before removing it.
  • Once your light bulb is cool, you can remove it and wipe it with a damp cloth. This step will remove dust that might interfere with your bulb’s performance.
  • If you notice burn marks on your bulb, don’t use it anymore. Replace your bulb with a new one.

LED Lights

LED lights are the modern-day light bulbs, they use 75% less energy compared to incandescent light bulbs and they produce a brighter glow. Also, LED lights will last longer than a regular light bulb, so you won’t have to constantly change them. Since they don’t produce high levels of heat, they won’t get fried or suddenly explode. 

To ensure your LED lights won’t develop damages, here are some things you can do:

  • Clean your light bulbs regularly. Dust and dirt may wear down your light and cause them to have damages. LED lights are quite expensive compared to incandescent bulbs, but if regularly cleaned, you won’t have to buy new ones for years.
  • Ensure you check for weak points, parts that are loose or broken, and if they need to be moved or replaced. This way you are always ahead of it and prevent malfunctions that will cause you to replace your lights.

The question is, what should you use? It depends on what you prefer since incandescent lights have a different vibe, something that’s softer and romantic. LED lights are bright but not hard on the eyes. But, the modern-day homeowner often chooses LED lights to save on energy and replacements. Therefore, it’s up to you to choose which one best fits your home. 

Upgrade Your Incandescent Light Bulbs With These Steps

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Upgrade Your Incandescent Light Bulbs With These Steps

Today, every home and business owner relies on lighting fixtures to enhance a certain area they want to get noticed. Light plays a big part in how you can improve your eyesight or find a way to get a customer’s attention and bring them to the item or product you want to sell. We’ve also come a long way from using candles and fire to light our homes. 

But we’ve also come a long way from using incandescent lights. It wasn’t that long ago when Thomas Edison invented the first incandescent light bulb that many people still use today. But another type of light bulb is gaining popularity, the LED light bulb. LED light bulbs are more convenient and longer lasting compared to incandescent lights. But, if you still have incandescent lights at home, maybe it’s time you upgrade to something more modern and convenient. 

LED lights are more convenient since many incandescent light models are phased out. So, here is what you can do when you have an incandescent light model that cannot be found anywhere in the market today. Here are tips to replace them with LED lights.

  • Figure out which bulb you should replace first. 

If you have a huge home and still use incandescent lights, it’s time to replace them with LED lights. This way, you can save money on energy bills. But, it may seem impossible to change every light bulb at once, so choose which rooms or areas in your home you’ll be replacing. 

We suggest replacing areas in your home where you spend most of your time, like the kitchen, family room, and office. These spaces need bright lights so you can see clearly what you’re doing. This way, when you cook, you won’t have difficulty reading labels or recipes; when you work, you can read and write without any trouble. 

  • Write the necessary information about your light bulb. 

If you plan to replace your light bulb with the same brand, write the information you need to ensure you get the correct one. Remember, most incandescent lights are not produced anymore, so you should have a size and shape written down when you look for something similar. 

But if you will replace your light with an LED bulb, you only need to write the size of the socket to ensure it will fit perfectly without changing the slight socket. Also, this step will help you find what your need quickly and more efficiently. 

  • Ask for help when choosing a bulb.

If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to talk to a sales representative and ask for help. This way, you won’t buy the wrong bulb. If you are a first-time bulb buyer, you will be overwhelmed with hundreds of options. Therefore, bring out your list of information and ask someone to assist you with it. 

  • Ensure to keep the installation and care instructions with the light bulb.

Whether you buy an LED light or an incandescent light, they always come with a box and a manual, so you know how to maintain them to make them last longer. Most of us throw these away since they are bulky and unimportant, but it’s better to have the boxes with you in case you need to remember certain instructions on caring for them.

Now that you are well informed about the difference between incandescent and LED lights, you can decide which one you need for your home or business. We all have different preferences, but we want to keep you informed just in case you want to switch from one kind of bulb to another.

Did you learn about the difference between LED and incandescent lights? If you wish to learn more about electrical and lighting fixtures, read more about them on our website. For top-notch electrical services, call Emergency Electrician Beverly Grove today.