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Why Your Outlet is Not Putting Out Its Full Power

You might think that an outlet that does not put out its full power saves energy, but it does the opposite. Not only does it waste energy, but it can also affect your plugged-in appliances and devices. Also, it can cause a fire hazard, which can also affect your neighbors. Let’s find out what Emergency Electricians Beverly Grove suggests when you experience this electrical problem. 

A low voltage outlet is the cause of worn-out or broken electrical wiring. We can’t see these wirings because they are hidden inside our walls or in the ceiling, so it’s hard to tell at first sight. But, if you notice that your devices take a long time to charge fully or if your appliances are malfunctioning when plugged into a certain outlet, this outlet has damage and needs to be inspected. You may avail of the best outlet installation service and replace your outlet in no time. 

Also, if a certain outlet is frequently used, it can wear and tear due to the constant plugging and unplugging of devices and appliances. This situation can lead to low voltage and must be replaced to avoid further damage. So, if you want to know how to fix a low voltage outlet, let’s find out below.

Low Voltage Outlet: Process of Solving It

Electrical Outlet Installation Service | Emergency Electrician Beverly Grove

Appliances that won’t power or discolored plugs on devices mean a voltage drop only affects one power outlet. It only affects one because of a worn-out wire that connects to this specific outlet. You’ll notice a voltage drop when your charging time takes longer, or your appliances won’t power on when plugged into the said outlet. 

If you are familiar with working on electrical wirings, you can easily follow the steps we provided below. It is important to follow these step-by-step to ensure your safety and a successful repair:

  • Check the electrical panel. 

The first step is to check your electrical panel for damages. Ensure that no breakers are in the off position and there are no melted or warped pieces. But if there are damaged pieces to one of your circuit breakers, this is possibly where the problem is. 

  • Feel for excessive heat.

Excessive heat means something is burning or melting since the wires can no longer carry the electricity. If you also smell plastic burning, it’s time to replace these wires or the box itself. 

  • Unplug all cords.

Once you figure out which outlet is damaged, unplug all cords from it. Avoid using this outlet, so your appliances and other devices won’t suffer. You can also put up a sign or cover the outlet to let other people living with you know to avoid the outlet when they need to plug something in. 

  • Check the appliance cords. 

If you are unsure if a certain outlet has low voltage, check the ends of the appliance cords you unplugged to see if they are melted or have discoloration. These are signs of a faulty outlet that needs immediate attention. 

  • Use a multimeter.

If you have a multimeter laying around, you can use this to check the voltage of an outlet. If your outlet has a range of 120 volts or less, then you need to have it checked by a professional. Always ask for help when you are having second thoughts about these procedures. It’s safer to have an experienced electrician with you.

  • Turn off the breaker.

Now that you are sure that a certain outlet is putting a low voltage, you can turn off the breaker that controls the outlet. Ensure you turn it off properly before dealing with the problem. Again, if you have no background in dealing with electrical wirings, it’s best to get the help of Emergency Electrician Beverly Grove.

  • Repair the wires and screws.

Locate the ground wire, neutral wire, and hot wire and check if there are damages to them. You may also tighten the screws where they are connected since a loose screw could also affect the voltage. If there are damages to the wires, you need to replace them to ensure proper voltage flows through them again. 

  • Check for corroded wires. 

If you have corroded wires, you can strip them until you have a shiny or clean connection. Corroded wires won’t function the same way as new wires, so ensure you replace them or strip them, whatever is most convenient for you. 

If you still have issues following these steps, hire a professional electrician to examine your electrical system. This way, you can ensure that an expert checks your system and can repair unseen issues. Also, always maintain your electrical outlets by following these tips:

  • Always test your outlets.

Testing your outlets to ensure that your electrical wiring is functioning properly. You can hire one of Emergency Electrician Beverly Grove’s professional electricians to help you do this step. This step is important, especially when you have an older home whose electrical wirings have not been updated. 

  • Replace your old wiring. 

If possible, replace your old wirings to avoid major problems that can lead to accidents. Emergency Electrician Beverly Grove has some of the most affordable services to ensure you have a newly installed and fully functional electrical system without spending an insane amount of money. 

  • Buy electrical products from reliable brands. 

We understand you want to save money, but buying cheap electrical products doesn’t save money but will cost you more in the long run. Cheap products tend to get broken faster, so you’ll need a new one again. Then, if the product affects your outlet, you’ll need an electrical service which will also cost you more money. Invest in quality, long-lasting, safe electrical products, and you’ll save more money. 

  • Avoid repairing your electrical wiring. 

It’s okay to want to save money by repairing yourself, but if you are in unfamiliar territory, it’s better to hire an electrician. Plus, it’s safer when a professional repairs your wiring. This way, you won’t get into accidents or break your whole electrical system when attempting to repair a broken part. 

  • Always monitor your outlets. 

Outlets are your power source and where most electricity in your house is found. Sometimes, we plug in too many appliances or devices that an outlet can overload, malfunction, and break. Ensure you disperse your appliances and other devices to other outlets around the home and unplug unnecessary items when not in use. 

  • Always check your electrical plates. 

One thing you can do is to check your electrical plates for signs of damage regularly. When wirings connected to the electrical plates are broken, melted, or smelling like burning plastic, it’s a sign that one or more of your outlets are broken. When you notice this, ensure to call your trusted electrician for proper repair.

Stop using a worn-out outlet and let Emergency Electrician Beverly Grove repair it for you. We’ll have your outlet working like new again, so call us today.