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Learn the 5 Best Electrical Panels for New Replacement and Installation

With all the hassle caused by your electrical system, someone must have advised you to check your electrical panel. If you don’t know what it is, we’ll be happy to fill you in.

So, what is an electrical panel?

An electrical panel houses all the circuit breakers in a home or a property. It is a metal box with a door that is usually attached to a wall in an unfrequented area. The electrical panel goes by different names, which include service panels, breaker panels, and load centers. An electrical panel installation is hired to install a new electrical panel or to replace an existing one.

Electrical panels are vital components of electrical systems that work to shut off power to the circuits when overloaded. They work as safety devices that prevent electrical accidents. So, it is crucial that they are monitored. According to the experts from Emergency Electrician Beverly Grove, installation or replacement services are in order for defective electrical panels.

Going back to your problem, you must heed the advice of inspecting your service panels. If you’re having issues with your electrical system, you can have a new panel installed or have the existing one repaired or replaced. We have compiled questions to help you choose the right electrical panels and the services you can hire for their installation.

How Long Does It Take to Install an Electrical Panel?

Installing an electrical panel depends on the installation type (new installation or replacement) and the number of electricians handling the work. Generally, it will take a two-person crew 4-10 hours of work to install an electrical panel.

What is the importance of installing an electrical panel?

Electrical panels function as safety devices. They are installed to protect occupants from any electrical accidents like being shocked or electrocuted. An electrical panel also protects properties from risks of fires. That’s why an electrical panel is a vital component of an electrical system.

How are electrical panels properly installed?

Some guidelines enumerate the proper installation of breaker panels. These guidelines are from NEC that consider home types, sizes, and clearances.

  • As recommended, electrical panels should be four feet above the ground. The highest circuit breaker’s middle grip handle should be not more than 6 feet and 7 inches high.
  • Clearance around the panel should be at least 30′ wide, considering a front workspace clearance of 3′.
  • An electrical panel door should be able to open for access to a 90-degree angle.

Ideally, one should install an electrical panel box in an unfinished garage or basement, but you can also locate it in any room that meets the requirements of NEC.

You should have your electrical panels installed adhering to the above guidelines. You can hire a professional electrical panel installation to help you achieve this. Professional electrical panel services will efficiently do the work.

What to Look for in an Electrical Panel Installation Service?

Electrical Panel Installation Service | Emergency Electrician Beverly Grove

If you plan to hire a service for your electrical panel, you should be prepared to choose among the available services. You must ensure that you choose the right service to install your new electrical panels effectively. Here’s some information to help you.

The right electrical panel installation service should be:

  • A certified service. If you hire a certified service for your electrical panel installation, you can look forward to a good result. You should choose among companies and see which ones are licensed to install electrical panels. You might also want to compare servicing experiences by clients to help you make an informed decision.
  • Done by a professional. Ensure that the service you hire is backed up by legitimate electrical knowledge and skills. You should arrange with a company that hires certified electricians with a proven track record. With professional electricians, you can expect accurate installation work.
  • Guaranteed safe and reliable. You should hire a service that’s guaranteed to be safe and reliable. Make sure that you hire technicians with licenses and certifications. Your electrical system will be in good hands if you have it installed by experts. They will have the needed tools to handle the installation or replacement.
  • Efficient. You want your electrical panel installed efficiently. So, you must choose a company that promises speedy work. You don’t want to be charged much for extended working hours by electricians. See to it that you hire a service that uses hi-tech and heavy-duty equipment.
  • Reasonably priced. We know that above anything else, you thought first about how much an electrical panel installation might cost you. It’s crucial that you make a conscious effort to compare servicing prices to avail of affordable yet reliable services.

You should also know that there are companies that offer emergency services. You can hire a same-day service if you need urgent assistance with your electrical panels. For Beverly Grove residents, they can hire Emergency Electrician Beverly Grove.

What Are the 5 Best Electrical Panels?

Before you can make any call to hire a service technician, you want to make sure you have the right service panel for your property. Do you wonder which electrical panel brands are the best? Here are the five best electrical panels you can choose from:

Square D by Schneider Electric HOM612L100SCP


  • It can suit smaller units like a 2-bedroom house or apartment. 
  • It has a 100-amp capacity. 
  • It can be located on or flushed against wall surfaces 
  • It has a good design with its top and bottom cutouts. 
  • It is made with high-quality standards by Schneider Electric. 
  • It comes with a sticker label for breaker circuit noting.


  • It has limited breaker slots. 
  • It requires the use of same-brand breakers.

Siemens TL137US Power Outlet Panel


  • It’s designed for outdoor use with its portable breaker box. 
  • It’s weatherproof and rain-resistant. 
  • It comes with a padlock for added power protection. 
  • It’s good for new electrical projects. 
  • It can be mounted in many ways: surface or pole. 
  • It’s easy to set up because it has built-in outlets.


  • Its installation might be hard to secure because of its single-screw hole.

Leviton 51120-1 Panel Surge Protector


  • It’s designed to protect equipment from electrical surges. 
  • It comes with a warranty amounting to $25,000 in the case of device failure. 
  • It has a simple and convenient design. 
  • It’s easy to install. 
  • It comes with a real-time circuit indicator. 
  • It’s compatible with the home controls of Decora.


  • It’s designed only for indoor use. 
  • Its warranty does not cover outdoor equipment.

Square D by Schneider Electric HOM1224L125PC


  • It can house 12 breakers, which is good for expansion. 
  • It has 24 circuits and 125 amps as its maximum capacity. 
  • It can be installed in two ways: mounted on or flushed against wall surfaces. 
  • It’s compatible with arrestors with a plug-on surge.
  • It adheres to safety standards by the industry.


  • It does not come with a ground bar. 
  • Its ground bar must be bought separately.

Siemens P1224L1125CU Load Center


  • This electrical panel has an ergonomic design.
  • It comes with all the needed installation accessories. 
  • The panel has twelve (12) breaker slots that accommodate up to 24 circuits. 
  • It has 125 amps as its maximum capacity. 
  • It’s made up of a copper bus. 
  • It saves mounting time because of insta-wire features. 
  • It comes with a comprehensive installation manual.


  • Does not certify for usage in Canada. 

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