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Common Electrical Problems with Lamps and Lighting Fixtures

Emergency Electrician Beverly Grove is the one to call if you are having problems in terms of lighting installation.

As a matter of fact, everyone has had electrical issues with lights and lighting fixtures. It’s possible that your favorite lamp is flashing on and off. You changed the bulb, but it didn’t solve the problem. What should you do now? The solution might be as easy as replacing worn-out light fixture wiring, or it could be more involved.

Here are some common electrical problems that you might encounter with your lamps and lighting fixtures:

  • Flickering Lights and Frequent Burning Out.

Flickering lights are caused by loose connections or loose components in lighting fixtures, as well as worn-out contacts inside the fixture. Loose connections on the circuit will impact only a few lights, but loose connections on the main wire will harm all of the lights in the home.

A high percentage of defective or burned-out bulbs might be caused by weak connections, worn-out contacts, low-quality bulbs, or malfunctioning lighting fixtures.

  • Poor Quality Components and Loose Connections

Lighting fixtures get hot as a result of loose connections between the bulb and the fixture contacts or as a result of the excessive heat created by specific types of bulbs. Poor quality fixtures or lights employ poorer contact material that burns out and arcs, producing electrical difficulties.

  • Over Lamping

In this case, the bulb in a lighting system has a large power that exceeds the fixture’s rating. This may cause the lighting fixture to overheat as well as put a strain on the wiring, especially in older buildings where the wires are likely to be smaller. Use a rated or lower-rated bulb or switch, or even energy-saving LED or CFL lights that do not generate a lot of heat.

  • Tripping Circuit Breaker / Fuse is Opening Frequently

Overcurrent situations caused by overloading or a short circuit may cause the main circuit breaker or a specific circuit to trip.

How to Solve the Problem?

Before resetting the breaker, turn off all equipment, including lights, and disconnect any appliances to isolate the problem. Turn on the breaker while there is no load. If it trips again, the issue is with the electrical wiring; if it does not trip, the issue is with one of the appliances. Turn on each piece of equipment one by one, noting which one trips the breaker again.

When connected to an electrical outlet, fuses on the electrical cable or appliance plug may blow up. This indicates that there is an issue with the cord, which might be shorted conductors or malfunctioning equipment. You may identify the appliance by disconnecting all of them from the power supply and then plugging them in one by one until you find the culprit.

Whether the issue is with the wiring or an appliance, stop using it and have a trained person inspect and repair it before continuing.

When the problem remains, no matter how many times you fix them, immediately call your trusted electrician in your area to do the job for you. Licensed electricians can help you troubleshoot your unsolved electrical issues.

Lights Stopped Working: Troubleshooting & Fixing The Problem

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Lights Stopped Working: Troubleshooting & Fixing The Problem

The most prevalent type of illumination in the house is lighting, often known as ambient lighting. This comprises wall lamps, chandeliers, and other lighting fixtures that brighten the rooms of the house.

Lighting is crucial in a house since it boosts mood by generating a pleasant and cheerful environment as compared to drab and unappealing areas. Inadequate illumination will cause family members and friends to avoid the region, as well as make a space feel claustrophobic.

If your lights at home have broken or are not operating properly, and you have tried changing the bulb and adjusting the light bulb socket, there are a few more things you may do. The following are some of the most common problems why your lights stopped working and how to fix them.

  • Loose switch wiring. A faulty wire connection at the switch is one of the most prevalent problems with lights. Constant switching on and off might cause the connection to loosen. Switch off the electricity at the breaker panel, then remove the switch cover and tighten any loose wires. Licensed electricians from Emergency Electrician Beverly Grove can examine the wiring if you are concerned about the connections.
  • Bad switch contacts. If the bulb blinks on and off, the switch contacts may be worn out. When the switch contacts are faulty, you may hear a sizzling or crackling sound. The problem will be resolved by replacing the switch.
  • Recessed lighting that randomly turns on and off. Are your recessed lighting fixtures turning on and off at random? Overheating might be the culprit. Recessed lights have a limit switch to avoid overheating by turning the fixture off automatically when the temperature rises to a dangerous level. Check that the bulb in the fixture has the right wattage and, if necessary, replace it with a lower wattage bulb. 

Also, heat will be trapped if the insulation is packed too firmly around the fixture. If the problem remains after doing the following methods, contact your trusted electricians right away to have your lights inspected. They might have a malfunctioning limit switch or another issue.

  • Faulty light socket tab. When you look inside a light socket, you’ll notice a brass tab that presses up on the base of the light bulb when it’s screwed in. Screwing bulbs in too firmly might cause the tab to bend down too far, impeding solid contact with the light bulb’s base. This can cause electricity to arc, damaging the light bulb’s contact point and leading it to fail prematurely. To resolve the issue, turn off the electricity to the fixture just at the breaker panel or unplug it from the wall if it is a plug-in fixture.
  • Incompatible dimmer switches. It is important to use dimmer switches that are compatible with LED bulbs if you have converted your light fixtures from incandescent to LED lights. Older dimmer switches were only intended for use with regular incandescent lights, and using CFL or LED bulbs can harm the bulb’s circuitry, causing it to burn out prematurely. To avoid future issues, your trusted electricians may install LED-safe dimmer switches.

Fixing faulty electrical wiring at home is not just easy but could also put you at risk when you do it all by yourself. Instead of doing it alone, contact Emergency Electrician Beverly Grove right away to have your electrical issues fixed ASAP.